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By: Woodford Bourne  05/12/2011
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The future of wine in the Irish On Trade

We’ll show you how to target wine drinkers and ensure a modern, professional approach to serving wine. Our Wine by the Glass system will ensure that you benefit from all of the following:

  • Serve better quality wines 
  • Save up to 35% in wine costs 
  • Attract new customers to your outlet 
  • Save on Waste Disposal charges 
  • Carry less stock 
  • for a better impact on working capital 


Wine by the glass has always been around but in Ireland for a long time we were content with the convenience of the quarter bottle to satisfy our tastes when we weren’t ordering a bottle in a restaurant.

Ireland has now become a much more sophisticated wine drinking country and in particular, people’s knowledge of wine has increased dramatically so naturally as a nation we are no longer satisfied with the choice of wines available in quarter bottles.

As some doubts may linger about the Wine by the Glass service, we have provided answers to the most common ones below.
“Customers are happy with quarter bottles”

Some outlets sales have increased by 40% since removing quarter bottles of wine in favour of wine by the glass, try doing a search on for opinions on wine in pubs and quarter bottles and no one has anything good to say about them!

“Wine by the glass is hard to portion control”

With lined glasses, portion control is extremely simple, easier than pints and spirit measures!

“Wine by the glass is hard to stock take”

Count the open bottles to the nearest ¼ and it is just as easy, thousands of successful businesses all around the world do it every day.

“It is more economical to use ¼ bottles”

This is a common misconception, when you factor in the speed of service (3 seconds for a standard glass of wine), the cost saving by using 75cl bottles, and the ability to have different quality levels of wine, it is financially and environmentally far more beneficial to use wine by the glass.

“Wine will go off in open bottles and we will have to throw it away”

Open wine will stay fresh for a few days simply by putting the cap back on or the cork back in. However if you use a vacuum pump wine can stay fresh for up to a week!!! Giving you plenty of time to sell 4 glasses!!!

The Findlater Wine by the Glass Programme

Simple to use Vacuum Pumps FREE!

POS and Display to Drive Your Sales FREE!

High Quality, Toughened Crystal Glasses €5 per glass (187ml Fill Line)

Noel Tymlin Wine Sales & Service Training

For more information on how we will benefit your outlets wine sales, call your local sales specialist now…

The information in this article was current at 02 Dec 2011

Keywords: wine, Wine Sales

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Findlater Wine and Sprit Group

The Findlater Wine & Spirit group Wine by the Glass scheme aims to assist our customers in taking advantage of the additional margin, less wastage and saved time associated by making this move by supplying a wine preservation system, lineated glasses and associated POS to help drive by-the-glass sales in the account.


Staff Training and Education

Staff more confident in selling and recommending wine to customers” Kristian Burness, Restaurant Manager II Vignardo, Dublin. This training will be undertaken by Noel Tymlin, our Training & Portfolio Manager, a well known face in the wine trade. Findlater Wine & Spirit Group are able to offer a complete programme of wine training/education to all our customers.