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By: Mobil I  05/12/2011
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MS Track Web

MS Track Web while a scaled down version of MS Track Pro is in no ways a compromise in functionality where it meets specific customer requirements. Built on the same database technology as MS Track Pro it includes functionality such as Geo-fencing, automatic event notification, management reports, historic reporting, messaging facilities and many more features.

In many cases MS Track Web is used as a supplement to MS Tack Pro, larger clients who require a full blown client server application like MS Track Pro often opt to use MS Track Web when away from the office, giving 24/7 access from any internet enabled PC.

Cut costs, enhance revenue and manage risk, right from your desktop MS Track Web is our Scaled down easy to use Fleet Management and Tracking Solution, delivered via the Worldwide Web.

Designed for smaller vehicle fleets, or for customers who require separate access from MS Track Pro, MS Track Web gives you all the information you require to take control of your vehicles without the need for any software to be installed.

Sample Report

History Trail


Road View

Fleet Map View

Fleet Details

Aerial view of fleet

Keywords: fleet management

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Maximising Driver Time by analysing the duration of travel routes – better utilisation of assets, knowing the best time of day to schedule a route and understanding the exact number of vehicles required for each day’s manifests. Real time events generated by MS Track Pro can immediately notify the user of the need to take action while the MS Track Pro Reporter facilitates the post event analysis of events and vehicle movements.


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