By: Kelkim  05/12/2011
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KELKIM Original Formula is now better than ever! Now orange in color and with a pleasant citrus scent. Our new formula is made for heavy-duty conditions and even extreme temperatures. It can be used used on a wet or dry car. It has 2 kinds of waxes plus the secret polymers. Get the best of all 3 high-quality/ performing elements. Use this to remove light oxidation and water spots to get your paint clean, waxed and polished. You can use it on a new or older car. Put that super-clean, high shine on your car, truck, boat or motorcycle today. Order a bottle.

"NEW" KELKIM ONE - The only non-wax, completely organic, water-based, polymer-based waterless car wash on the market. This environmentally-friendly, Non-Toxic, Non Hazardous" product goes on smooth and shines with little effort. Use this as an everyday/ every week waterless cleaner and paint maintainer. Perfect for a newer or well-maintained car. Use it on a wet or dry car. Works on everything but the tires. Bright orange in color with a pleasant orange juice scent. All you need is a bottle of KELKIM ONE and 2 towels and you are set! Order a bottle today!

KELKIM Protect ALL Tire Shine - This is a water-based, medium/ high shine dressing for your tires, dash, leather and trim. It dries smooth and over spray cleans up with ease. This spray-on protectant smells nice and is a compliment to our waterless car wash products. New, super high-shine formula to be introduced in June. Order a bottle today!

High Quality - All Purpose Microfiber Towels - This towel is 16 x 16 inches, 300 GSM and is available in many colors. The blend is 70% Poyester 30% Polyamide. - These are perfect for Kelkim Waterless Car Wash and our other products.

Price: € 3 per towel

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Keywords: Car, Tire Shine, Waterless Car Wash,