By: Halcyon Days  05/12/2011

The Social Revolution is changing the way that people communicate each other, it's changing the way that information is shared and distributed, it's changing the way that brands interact with consumers and it's even changing the way we live, work and function on a daily basis. Technology has advanced so quickly and will continue to do so into the future that companies ignore these changes at their peril. Despite the opportunities presented to businesses by technology, using social media as a marketing tool can be scary step for many businesses.

At Halcyon Days we have extensive experience in Social Media Marketing and using social networks such as Facebook and Twitter to extend brand reach and to develop long lasting and profitable customer relationships on behalf of clients.

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Ensuring that your message hits target

However, increasing clutter in the advertising space, coupled with the great abundance of equestrian media all clamouring for a piece of your marketing spend, combine to make it increasingly difficult to develop advertising campaigns that will work.