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By: Clear Vision Solutions  05/12/2011
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  • Electrical Inspection
    Thermography is a particularly useful for this application as it is a non-contact process so live equipment can be inspected safely. Faults & hazards on electrical installations are easily identified so the corrective actions can be implemented before a breakdown occurs or a fire hazard ignites.

A Loose terminal connection.

  • Mechanical Inspection
    Thermography is the ideal inspection tool for the early identification of possible breakdown in bearings, gearboxes, pulleys, etc. Instant results when implemented as part of a condition monitoring program.

Left hand motor over heating.

  • Fluid Vessel Inspection
    Thermography is the sure fire way to verify fluid levels in all types of vessels weather they be hot, cold or ambient.

   Fluid level verification.                                      

  • Insulation Integrity Surveys
    A poor insulation installation or a breakdown over time of that insulation is costing you money, Thermography will show you where you are losing that money immediately.

Insulation breakdown on hot water pipes.

  • Building Heat Loss Surveys
    Heat loss from a building can be an un-noticed drain on your finances. Ever wondered when you look at your fuel bills, Why is that bill so expensive? well we can show you where that money is being wasted each month. You will be surprised how effect thermography is at identifying the heat loss from your building and cold air ingress. Fore warned is fore armed you can implement immediate actions that will save you money.

Cold air ingress at a door seal. Heat loss on front elevation.

A poorly insulated attic.

  • Insurance Surveys
    Insurance companies have been engaged in the implementation of Thermographic surveying as part of Insurance risk assessment procedures for a number of years now. The technology is recognised as a vital component in the identification of potentially fire hazards in electrical systems & installations.

Dangerous excessive heat from an electrical component.

  • Cold Room Surveys
    One of the most important factors in the building of a cold store is that when built the room retains the low temperatures generated. The costs involved in this generation are significant so it is essential that the integrity of the room be verified and maintained, a thermograhic survey will identify any failures of the build and ensure peace of mind that the running costs are kept to a minimum.

Strip curtain deterioration on a doorway.

Instant identification of leaks and deterioration of insulation along with prevention of breakdown are just some of the benefits achieved with thermography.

Overheating pump valve.

  • Refrigeration Plant Room Inspections

Faulty valves, overheating motors and poor insulation on a distribution system are highlighted easily with the use of our technology. A failure on a fridge plant can be a very costly affair, thermography can assist prevent these failures by identifying the small faults before they become big problems.

Overheating compressor motor.

  • Industrial Lighting Survey

Access to lights for inspection can be difficult. At CVS we can survey your installation without the aid of lifting equipment. Lighting surveys will reduce the risk of failure ,fire and the dramatically increase maintenance labour efficiency time.

Overheating fitting.

In building and renovation works identifying the location of service pipes in walls and floors is essential. Failure to do so can result in expensive accidents resulting in serious water damage. Thermography will easily identify the locations.

Water pipe run in a floor. Pipe run in a wall.

Keywords: Surveying Service, thermography