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By: Aldolex Irl  05/12/2011

Bausch & Lomb manufacture contact lenses in their Waterford manufacturing facility. The process is highly automated with very little human intervention. The manufacturing machinery collects data on all of the manufacturing parameters, including yield at various stages throughout the cycle (approximately 100 different fields). This information is presented in a flat file structure that is of little benefit for analysis purposes. The files are saved automatically to a specific location at the end of every shift.

The brief was to develop a system that would automatically detect the creation of the files in the specified folder and process the data. The data requires processing to split it by Date, Manufacturing Line, Process Position, Defect Type etc and highlight any data that didn’t meet specification.


The solution was to develop a service that was installed on the server. The service uses a filewatcher service that constantly monitors a folder where the datafiles are dropped by the manufacturing system. When a new file is detected, the service starts the processing: it extracts the required information from the files, transforms the data into the required structure and then saves it to the database.

Services run, in general, without a user interface because there is no necessity to interact with the operations that are being executed. To view the data and generate reports etc., a user interface was developed to interact with the data held in the database. This solution solved the issues in an effective, efficient manner:

  • There was no longer a need to manually import large numbers of individual files into Excel to view the data
  • There was no longer a need to re-organise and aggregate the data to perform analysis
  • The data was stored in a secure environment and gave more visibility to interested parties

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