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By: Act Now  05/12/2011
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Our approach for success follows 3 simple stages.

  • Clarity
    We assist you to achieve complete clarity on your vision for the future, the goal or goals that you want to achieve and the actions that you need to take to be successful in these areas.
  • Action
    We motivate you to confidently take the actions identified during this process.
  • Success
    We work with you in continually reviewing progress, taking corrective action where necessary and ultimately successfully achieving the goals set.

Some of the typical issues we work with our client on are as follows:

  • Work / Life Balance
    This will give you a greater understanding of how balanced your life is over a number of areas, help you to identify and focus on the areas of your life which have become out of balance and ultimately to significantly increase your levels of happiness and success.
  • Goal Setting / Clarification
    We work with you to help clarify your goals and develop an action plan that will ensure you successful achieve the goals set.
  • Values Clarification
    Understanding your values and taking the actions required to live these values are the key to a successful and fulfilled life.
  • Change Management
    If you are contemplating making significant changes within your life or business we can assist you in deciding what these changes should be and the actions required to ensure they are implemented successfully.
  • Development of Personal and Inter-personal Skills
    In addition to our training programmes for groups we also work with individuals on a one to one basis to develop and enhance important life or business skills.

It should be emphasized that all these sessions are very client focused. We work on the principle that the client is the expert. We simply help our clients to tap into the amazing resources, ideas and abilities contained within everyone.

”I engaged Mick as a coach to work with me on gaining clarity on my career path. As a result of his amazing coaching style, I became crystal clear on what I wanted and went from being an employee to being self employed. He totally inspired me to make one of my dreams come true. He has the ability to encourage and support you no matter what and most importantly hold you accountable in making anything possible., I would totally recommend Mick if you want clarity, focus, more energy and if you want your life to transform. He is truly gifted.”
Fiona Fay
Human Edge

Keywords: Training Programmes

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The positive waves coming from the content of all the sessions, was not only inspirational, but it was so practical that I could actually use the tips and advice in my day to day life, both in a work situation and in my home and social life. I would recommend this course for anyone from 18 to 80 years old.Well done Mick and keep up the wonderful work you are doing.”You are fantastic.Derek FarrellCourse Participant.