External Wall Insulation

By: Wall Insulation  04/09/2009
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We focus on external thermal insulation, because we believe it is technically the best system on the market. Simply put external insulation is just like putting a warming blanket around your home. We encase the outside of your property in a layer of insulation and finish it with your choice of colour and render.

The reason for doing is to stop the 35%- 45% of your heating bill that are lost via the walls. By insulating the walls you can trap all that heat in the walls. By trapping all that heat you can cut your heating bills and play your part in saving the environment. Estimates by the British Energy Saving Trust suggest a saving of over 2 tonnes of carbon dioxide for a standard 3 bed semi detached house.

To insulate your home we attaching a few layers to the outside of your house. We first attach a layer of insulation. This can vary from expanded polystyrene to rockwool depending on the requirements. The insulation typically is fixed to the wall both chemically and mechanically IE glued and bolted to the wall. To protect the insulation from the effects of weathering we seal the outside with a fresh cement coloured render finish. 

We offer Brick, Wet Dash, Dry Dash and smooth render finishes which is the widest offering of finishes in Ireland today. 

Contact us see if External Wall Insulation is an option for your home.

Keywords: government grants, Home Improvements, Insulation, retrofit insulation