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By: Money Doctor  05/12/2011
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Managing money is not easy. In every walk of life, help is on hand. Even the best golfer in the world has a coach – you can be sure that the coach is not selling golf clubs. Engaging the services of a third party financial adviser for probity and independence purposes is essential if you want to ensure you are being given the best of advice.

Because this review is fee-based, you can be sure that we are not influenced by any commissions earned from selling a financial product. Remember, if you DON’T pay a fee for financial advice, you should ask yourself two questions

1. How does the adviser earn income ?
2. When you realise the ONLY way to earn income is selling a product, the second question - has the adviser a vested interest ?

While the main consultation process is an in depth and intensive one - see below, we offer a PRESCRIPTIVE consultation which is rather like going to your General Practitioner - a 20 minute visit - resulting in a considerably reduced fee of only € 65… just like a GP. .  

Remember also, that there is NO charge for execution only requests ( e.g. you require straight forward life cover or you wish to place a lump sum on deposit through Money Doctor )

Our in depth review process is a 4 stage plan :

Stage One
We discuss your financial situation and identify your objectives as perhaps in an email or phone conversation. We make sure that you need to have a financial review in the first place and look broadly at what we might be able to do for you. There is no charge or obligation for this initial response.

Stage Two
We meet. The idea is to go through all your finances in some detail so that we can put together a step-by-step plan for you. We’ll make some tentative suggestions on the day to get your feedback and we’ll also be able to answer any questions you may have. Ideally you will bring in all the documents relating to your finances.

Stage Three
We write up your new financial plan covering everything we have discussed (saving money, investments, loans, insurance, pensions etc). This plan will include detailed advice, tips and useful information.

Stage Four
You give us your feedback. We make any adjustments. Then, if required, we will handle anything you want us to act on. For instance, if you decide you want us to arrange a lower cost mortgage or to move your investments we will handle all the paperwork. Indeed, one thing we pride ourselves on is always making sure that clients have as little paperwork to plough through as possible.

For most of our clients two hours is sufficient and – of course – if we are doing more it will be because it is worth more to you. We always say in advance how much time we are going to spend on your account and we will happily agree a flat fee once we know what you want us to do. That way you don’t have to worry about it taking more time than initially anticipated. Finally, if you are unhappy during our initial meeting then we will not charge you a penny and will refund anything you have paid us up to date.

If you want to proceed we invoice you for the first two hours which needs to be paid at the end of that first meeting. Again, we would stress the benefits of employing a financial adviser who you know you can trust to be independent.

The information in this article was current at 02 Dec 2011

Keywords: Financial Plan

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