Fluoride-Free Water – Anti-Fluoridation Campaign for Drinking Water in Ireland

By: Fluoridefreewater  05/12/2011
Keywords: drinking water, Toxic Fluorides

We will share information on dangers of fluoridation from books, websites, and online videos.


Various books on the dangers of water fluoridation
Title Author ISBN
The Shocking Truth About Water Drs. Paul & Patricia Bragg 0–87790–084–1
The Fluoride Deception Chris Bryson 1–58322–526–9
Kitty Campion's Handbook of Herbal Health Kitty Campion 0–7529–0049–8
Health Wars Phillip Day 0–9535012–7–2
Water Healer Or Poison Dr. Jan de Vries 1–85158–341–6
Fluoride – Drinking Ourselves To Death Barry Groves, PhD. 0–7171–3274–9
Toxic Bite Dr. Bill Kellner-Read 1–904015–00–X
Fluoride The Freedom Fight Dr. Hans Moolenburg 1–85158–041–7
Thyroid Power Dr. Richard L. Shames & Karilee Halo Shames R.N. 0–688–17236–9
Cleaning Yourself To Death Pat Thomas 0–7171–3162–9
A Struggle With Titans Dr. George Waldbott Library of Congress catalogue: 65–24474
Fluoridation: The Great Dilemma Dr. George Waldbott 0–87291–097–0
Fluoride the Aging Factor: How to Recognize & Avoid the Devastating Effects of Fluoride Dr. John Yiamouyiannis 0–913571–00–8
Vorsicht Fluor. Dr. Med. M. O. Bruker and Rudolf Ziegelbecker 3–89189–013–3

We have endeavoured to contact all authors of books on this site for permission to highlight their work.


A growing number of concerned citizens around the world including lay and professional people, have become alarmed at the levels of damage caused by exposure to toxic fluorides in water fluoridation.

Mercola Optimal Wellness Center was started in 1997, by Dr. Mercola, founder of the world's most visited natural health website. This website offers practical health solutions on natural health practices around the world. It also contains important facts on dangers of water fluoridation on its database. The site has an Information Section and a Sales Section. You can access the water fluoridation news from the Information Section by typing 'water fluoridation' on the Search engine for articles and reports from around the world. This will give a background on health, and environmental damage of water fluoridation. For more details visit . Dr. Mercola has recently interviewed Dr. Paul Connett about the impact of Fluoride in the public water system. to visit his site and see full details or go to our


Keywords: drinking water, Toxic Fluorides