By: Philip Tubritt & Company  25/03/2011
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We, at Philip Tubritt & Company, view an audit as more than a necessary requirement to fulfil your annual reporting obligations. We want to add value to your accounting function and to you and your business.

How do we add value to your Audit?

We take the time to review your financial statements thoroughly. We view the audit as our chance to assist you in an annual review of your accounts, your systems and your prospects.

We will review your accounts with care and we will take the time to explain the items within your Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss Account so that you understand them. We feel that a client who understands their accounts are better equiped to make the right decisions.

We will review your systems and identify and report on any problem areas. We will discuss these with you and suggest alternative methods in order to improve business performance. Once agreed, we will assist you in implementing these new systems, if they are so required.

We will even look at what is not in the financial statements and take the time to check if there is anything that you could be doing to improve the Company's prospects or increase tax efficiency.

We will do all this, as close to your year-end as is possible, so that the Financial Statements have meaning and relevance and any problems identified and solutions agreed, can be implemented early in the new finacial year.

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Keywords: registered auditors

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