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Offering retailers a competitive edge

Fusion Nutraceuticals is pleased to launch a range of retail products, including sucralose based granulated sweetener powder and tablets.

Fusion Nutraceuticals table top sweetener is specifically produced for the private label and customer brand retailer. The private label retailer now has the opportunity to compete with current sucralose based table top sweeteners. This gives a retailer the opportunity to present their customer with an increasingly in demand premium alternative to the existing artificial sweetener products. As well as offering a competitively priced alternative to the current sucralose product.

Our new low calorie granulated sweetener can be used spoon for spoon as an alternative to sugar. Each 5g spoonful delivers exactly the same sweetness as a spoonful of sugar, with no aftertaste - yet only contains 2 calories per spoon. Granulated sucralose powder is also suitable for home baking, is heat stable and offers much of the convenience of table sugar.

Our low calories sucralose based tablets are available in a variety of pack sizes, allowing for convenience in pack format. In the formulation of the tablet, the sucralose is combined with capsula, tabletose, leucine and carboxymethylcellulose. Each tablet delivers exactly the same sweetness as a spoonful of sugar, with no aftertaste - yet contains only 0.2 calories per tablet.

For the European market we produce a sugar cube product. It has the same sweetness as a sugar cube but half the calories.

Fusion produce "packets" for the North American market, these are available in various count sizes. This 1g packet has the same sweetness as 2 teaspoons of sugar.

All the above formats can be produced for food service applications.
Sucralose based products have the advantage of sweetness, without the taint or health risks associated with aspartame based products. Sucralose products are also suitable for consumers suffering from diabetes and those intolerant to phenylalanine. Sucralose is manufactured to the highest modern standards and quality control systems in our accredited production facilities. Our raw material is regular sugar, i.e., sucrose. The process involves the controlled careful modification of sucrose to generate sucralose.

Our low calorie based sweeteners based on sucralose require no health warnings. Fusion sucralose containing products do not contribute to dental cavities as they are not a nutrient source for lactobacilli species or other dental flora. It passes through harmlessly through the human body and has no calorific value.

Keywords: Sugar

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