DC Networks - Services - Maintenance

By: Dc Networks  05/12/2011


DCNetworks offer support and maintenance agreements with top-class response and fix times. Most of the support calls we receive are answered and resolved immediately. Our support agreements are flexible and can be tailored to facilitate your support needs. We make extensive use of modern remote support facilities to cut down on unnecessary travel.

Our contracts include cover for servers, desktop and laptop PCs, printers, backup devices and any other network devices. Both hardware and software maintenance can be accommodated.

Other products and services from Dc Networks


DC Networks - Services - Installation & Migration Services

DC Networks can recommend, supply and install a complete office system including network, servers, desktops, printers, telephone and other network devices. We pride ourselves on ensuring that every project is 100% completed and that there are no straggling bits and pieces left over for another day.


DC Networks - Services - Remote Support Services

That is why we have invested in Remote Support capabilities which allow us to access your network and work as if we were on your site. This saves time, is cost efficient, environmentally friendly and above all ensures that you get the most rapid response possible. We can also configure your network systems to alert our engineers to many types of irregularities that can be prevented.


DC Networks - Services - IT Crisis

This service is available on a one-off basis and we hope that following resolution, you will avail of our ongoing support and maintenance services to avoid such a crisis occurring again. Instead of managing the sales office, or chasing payments, you find your office staff poring over technical problems for which they were not trained. For any business, recurring or significant problems with your IT system can be crippling for the business.


DC Networks - Services - Managed Service

By availing of the service of DC Networks, you can get the equivalent of your own support engineer without the extra cost and overhead. We can support the day to day running of your network by providing the technical expertise of our qualified technical staff. Anti-virus, Spy Ware, Mal Ware monitoring and rectification. User Account set up and management.