EMCS Solution (Excise Movement Control System

By: CustomsMatters  05/12/2011

On the 1st of April 2010, EMCS (Excise Movement and Control System), a new electronic system for monitoring the movement of excise goods under duty suspension, will be going live. The EMCS system will replace the existing paper AAD (Accompanying Administrative Document) that currently accompanies these types of movements. Economic operators engaged in excise duty suspended movements within the EU must have EMCS software to record the receipt of such goods electronically by the 1st of April 2010. All such economic operators must have an EMCS Software capable of both submitting and receiving all relevant EMCS messages by 1 January 2011.

With over 21 years experience of providing award winning software solutions in Ireland CustomsMatters and AEO (Authorised Economic Operator) Company since 2009 has developed an EMCS solution for all companies involved in the movement of duty-suspended goods within the European Union. Our application provides the facility to submit details of all outbound movements and confirm receipt of goods. Our solution caters for Intra EU movements, EMCS imports and EMCS exports. CustomsMatters is a Member of Eurtradenet a pan European grouping of professional Customs Service Providers and can provide EMCS solutions in 15 member states.

Our simple to use internet-based solution provides the facility to record and submit all required information for the submission of an e-AD (electronic AAD), receipt of the e-AD, e-AD cancellation, reminder and redirection.

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