Open IT Services: Investment Services

By: Open It Services  05/12/2011

Investment Services

Technical Due Diligence

We perform independent technical due diligence for investment groups seeking assurance of a potential investment's IT infrastructure and capabilities. Our diverse experience allows us to assess the IT merits of a company and make recommendations where required that will enhance the potential success of your investment. Our comprehensive due diligence reports cover IT infrastructure, IPR issues, software product architecture, project plans, risk analysis and resourcing.

Other products and services from Open It Services


Open IT Services: Web & E-Services

Whatever the need, be it automating data flow, creating scheduled background processes or simply looking after your web data, Open IT Services will be able to help. We offer a wide variety of hosting solutions on 24/7/365 servers at very competitive rates. We can also tailor hosting packages to suit your needs.


Open IT Services: Design & Architecture

We can provide technical input into your tendering process to help you get the responses relevant to your IT needs. We can assist you in your vendor selection process, ensuring you pick the right team for the job.


Open IT Services: IT Infrastructure

Open IT Services can review your existing IT infrastructure and make recommendations that will cut costs and yet ensure your business operates smoothly. We can conduct an IT Audit on your existing IT assets and make recommendations where needed to help reduce the costs of maintaining those assets. They soon resemble a hybrid of components that are neither efficient nor cost effective. Most IT infrastructures grow on a build to need basis.


Open IT Services: Software Solutions

We can review your existing software architecture and reccomend where costs could be cut by using Open Source components or where design improvements can be made. We can provide business analysis, coupled with strong technical knowledge, to help you gather and define your business IT requirements. We can take your business IT requirements and architect a quality, low cost solution using Open Source components whenever suitable.