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By: Macaw Speech  05/12/2011
Keywords: Automates, Voice Recognition

Macaw Application Solutions


The Macaw Speech automated Locator application enables callers to find their nearest store or business location.

The customer’s existing contact detail data can be imported, using Excel or csv, and transferred into an SQL database.


  • Direct Connect option
  • SMS delivery option, ie to send address or direction details
  • Automated – no agent input required


  • Branch/Store routine location calls are handled without administrator/floor staff involvement
  • Brand Image can be controlled and maintained by the customer
  • Branch/Store specific information, eg, special offers, can be offered to caller
  • Reduced Call Volume to Branch/Store

More Details

Password Reset

How much time does your IT department spend resetting forgotten passwords?

Macaw Speech has developed a secure automated application using Voice Biometric technology.

One-Time Enrollment

New employees are connected to a secure enrollment line. Their name is confirmed and then they are asked to read out their extension. As they speak, a voice sample is captured to create a unique voiceprint.
This voiceprint is stored in a secure database and is associated only with that user. The enrollment process only takes a minute, and users can receive a new password from the first call.

Authentication & Password Reset

When a user calls to reset their password, the automated system answers the call and prompts the user to answer a configurable series of responses.
The caller’s identity is authenticated by leveraging Nuance Verifier, which analyzes the voiceprint. Once authenticated, the application generates a new password and reads it to the caller.


  • Automated – No IT personnel required
  • New users are automatically called on their extension to securely record their voice print
  • Biometric Voice Recognition for guaranteed Identity Verification
  • Integration with Windows Active Directory & LDAP
  • Complete Self-Service for end-user


  • Reduced call volume to IT Helpdesk
  • IT Department personnel can be redeployed
  • Immediately resets passwords with no delays, increasing productivity

Identification and Verification

Identifies the caller and verifies their identity


Callers can be identified from multiple pieces of information, such as:

  • Numeric Account: Number/Reference Number
  • Alpha-Numeric Account: Number/Reference Number
  • Telephone Number: (Mobile, landline, UK & Ireland)
  • Social Security Number

Verification Options include:

  • PIN Number, Nth Digit of PIN
  • Date of Birth, Month of Birth
  • Postcode
  • Password, Nth character of Password
  • Credit Card Number, Expiry Date, CVS Number
  • Biometric Voiceprint


  • Completely configurable by the customer
  • Can request multiple separate pieces of information for Caller Identification
  • Can request multiple separate pieces of information for Caller Verification
  • Caller Account details can be uploaded to the application database using a simple web interface
  • Caller details can also be verified against any ODBC compliant customer database
  • Call Logging and Call Detail Reporting
  • Can be linked with other Macaw applications to provide a complete Self-Service solution
  • Natural and Conversational dialogues


  • Module design allows rapid Application deployment
  • Reduces Call Waiting times, Time in Queue, Abandon Rates
  • Automates repetitive and non revenue generating tasks
  • Reduces Agent time per call
  • Application available as bespoke or prebuilt
  • Live agent talktime reduced or eliminated for many tasks

More Details

Payment Capture

Payment Capture allows Contact Centres to automate capturing payment details


  • Completely automates payments using any Credit card
  • Can be deployed with Identification & Verification
  • Fully configurable by the customer
  • Supports both Real-time and Batch card authorisation
  • Also supports touchtone input for 100% coverage and callers in public areas


  • “Always on” availability allows callers to make payments 24/7
  • Natural and conversational dialogues
  • Consistent and fully-branded caller experience through a “Virtual Agent” persona

Account Status and Management

Automates the process of account information retrieval

The caller is able to access information about his account , for example, the balance, recent transactions, outstanding bills.


  • Integration to database allowing real-time response to caller request
  • Fully automated Caller access to account details
  • Can be used in conjunction with other Macaw Speech application modules


  • Agents can be redeployed to handle less routine, more complex calls
  • Low maintenance
  • Caller experience improved by reduced waiting time and account self-management service

Note: The Account Status and Management modules work well as a follow-on to the Identification and Verification application and as a precursor to entering Payment Capture.

Virtual Switchboard

Macaw Speech offers an intra-company call routing application that will plug in to your existing user, department or location directory.

Directory Look-Up database maintenance is managed by a Web interface that allows administrators to submit new/edit/delete entries.


  • Integration with existing company directory
  • Routing Directory automatically updated when changes made to user or department details
  • Can search on multiple user details; First and Last Name, Extension, Department, Address


  • Agents/Reception staff are free to handle less routine, more complex calls
  • Low maintenance with high efficiency return
  • Caller experience improved by reduced waiting time and requirement-specific service

Contact Capture

Contact Capture allows companies to automate all requirements to capture address details, including name, telephone and full address.

The application is fully customisable and also allows the updating of existing records


  • All transactions can be confirmed with a follow-up SMS
  • Offers flexible SMS options, using SOAP based SMS brokers
  • Can be deployed with Identification & Verification for customisable account data retrieval


  • Completely automates capturing address details
  • Completely automates amending existing address details
  • Fully configurable by the customer

Keywords: Automates, Voice Recognition