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By: Simple.ie  05/12/2011
Keywords: renewable energy, waste management, energy conservation

Why Choose Simple.ie Green EIIS Fund

Our investment objective is to target companies in the Green sector. We define Green companies as those engaging in activities with a focus on renewable energy, energy conservation or social responsibility. We also invest in energy efficiency, waste management or technologies connected with these sectors.

1. Strong Fund Management team with proven experience in identifying above average investments

David Gavagan Founder and current Chief Executive of Hibernia Capital Partners, a venture capital fund of €75m which produced a number of investments that generated investor returns in excess of 3-4 times capital invested.

Elliot Griffin Chartered Accountant and Corporate Finance advisor working on behalf of investors, purchasers and sellers of business. His practive BVP Accountants and Business Advisors has acted as advisor to transactions with a cumulative value in excess of €30m. The practice’s deal flow fits the typical profile of companies which qualify for EIIS investment.

Conor Toolan is an MBA-qualified engineer whose background includes Shell, PwC and the Sustainable Energy Authority in Ireland (SEAI),where he is a senior renewable energy advisor, and has over ten years energy experience.

2. Focus on Green Agenda gives us specialism in a dynamic growth area

- A large proportion of successful companies are now participating in the green agenda, where “green” is seen as a hallmark of Corporate Social Responsible and strong Corporate Governance.

- Cost savings that are achievable for companies that implement green technology.

- Consumer demand is beginning to play its role in the business case for green companies.

- The sector will continue to have large players keen to acquire new technology and specialist business which gives exit opportunities for our investments.

- Future government policy will play a part in expanding market potential for green products and companies.
- We have employed Tamarus Consulting who have significant experience in green business in the broadest sense to assist us in sourcing prospective investments as appropriate.

3. Investment Strategy

- We aim to achieve 15% annual return through careful selection of the businesses that we invest in, and we spread investments over a portfolio of companies so as to minimise risk.

4. Performance

- Over the past three years we have invested in a diverse range of green businesses and are already seeing the many positive results which have flowed from our investments. Despite the backdrop of falling stock markets, additional international investors have also been secured and these investors are attaching higher valuations to the companies we have invested in because of their high growth potential. There’s no doubt that with the right investment behind it the green sector has the potential to lead Ireland’s economic recovery over the coming years.

5. Management influence within each investee company a key objective

- We want to ensure management is committed to formal management practices and strategic business planning.

- We are committed to participating in the management of investee companies when we believe is appropriate.

- We aim to secure voting rights if we believe it is appropriate.

6. Advisory Council to provide commercial advise and represent investors

- For each BES fund we appoint up to 3 investors to provide us with feedback prior to completing each investment.

7. Uncapped returns for investors for each investment

- The Fund Manager intends to secure ordinary voting shares in its investment swhich means that returns will not be capped.

8. Manager’s Incentive

- The overall aim for the Fund is to generate compounded annual returns including tax relief of 15%. The Fund Manager’s incentive mean that we will earn 20% of any returns achieved over 15%.

9. Exit Strategy

- Each investment is structured with a specific intention of realising investors’ money after the standard 3 year term.

The information in this article was current at 02 Dec 2011

Keywords: energy conservation, Green Business, renewable energy, venture capital, waste management

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The Fund contains some of Ireland’s most innovative companies engaged in activities such as renewables, waste management, energy efficiency and conservation who have benefited significantly from our investments that includes breaking into the export market. In addition to the investment opportunities our investors can also avail of full tax relief provisions through the Revenue approved Employment and Investment Incentive Scheme.


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In order to spread the commercial risk of the Fund, the Manager will seek to balance the portfolio of Investments across several industries.There will be a balance between low risk, medium risk and higher risk investments which will include investment into Investee Companies at various stages of development.


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BVP Investments, an early stage investor in green businesses such as Wavebob, CM Ventures t/a Elimbac and Hybrid Energy Solutions, has forecasted a positive outlook for Ireland's green business sector, despite the gloomy outlook for other sectors of the economy. Although they provided their software under white label to ESB Independent Energy the company had little expertise or resource in sales and marketing and had not sold outside of Ireland.


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Our objective is to achieve capital appreciation with a target goal of 15% per annum by investing in a balanced portfolio of low, medium and higher risk investments. The Fund was launched in 2007 and takes into account the full spectrum of the Green industry from energy efficient software to renewable energy technologies. Our Green EIIS Fund invests in high potential companies that operate in the Green sector.