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By: Simple.ie  05/12/2011
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BVP Investments, an early stage investor in green businesses such as Wavebob, CM Ventures t/a Elimbac and Hybrid Energy Solutions, has forecasted a positive outlook for Ireland's green business sector, despite the gloomy outlook for other sectors of the economy. The positive outlook is based on its analysis of projected growth in the sector throughout 2011. The current performance of Ireland’s green sector is generating optimism among investors that significant growth levels can be achieved in the next five years. In 2007, BVP Investments launched a Business Expansion Scheme fund called the Simple.ie Green BES Fund. It has already invested €4.8 million in ten Irish businesses over the past four years and, with has more high potential companies in the pipeline. “From the outset we wanted to differentiate ourselves from the existing BES funds and so we chose to focus exclusively on the green sector and early stage ventures. We also make uncapped investments, meaning that our investors share unrestricted returns with the promoters of the underlying companies in which we invest. This put us on an equal footing from day 1 of our investment.”, said Elliott Griffin, Managing Director of the Fund. “Over the past two years we have invested in a diverse range of green businesses and we are already seeing the many positive results which have flowed from our investments. Despite the backdrop of falling stock markets, additional international investors have also been secured and these investors are attaching higher valuations to the companies we have invested in because of their high growth potential. There's no doubt that with the right investment behind it the green sector has the potential to be one of the leading growth sectors contributing to Ireland's economic recovery over the coming years.”

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  • CMV manufactures low carbon disinfection systems. Working closely with Dwr Cymru Welsh Water and the UK Environment Agency, CMV has installed an Elimbac disinfection system at Llanfechell WWTW North Wales for the disinfection of continuous flow municipal wastewater. Elimbac delivers superior log reduction without unwanted by-products and with significant economic and cost benefits. http://www.elimbac.eu/

  • Optinergy is an Irish owned company based in Cavan, specialises in the provision of Operations & Maintenance services to the wind industry both in Ireland & throughout Europe.Optinergy offers a full suite of Operations & Maintenance services, ranging from regular preventative maintenance to total asset management services, to providing its customers with specific tailored solutions [..]

  • Wavebob, a company developing wave energy conversion technology has progressed their technology significantly with a partnership with the leading Swedish energy company Vattenfall AB. They recently announced a top tier partnership with US defence manufacturer Lockheed Martin. They have recently received funding from the Irish Technology Leaders Group (ITLG) founder John Hartnett and have confirmed [..]

  • EFT Control Systems, established since 1998, EFT was at the time of the Simple.ie Green BES Fund investment a small software company for 10 years. Although they provided their software under white label to ESB Independent Energy the company had little expertise or resource in sales and marketing and had not sold outside of Ireland. [..]

  • Biomass Heating Solutions established in 2006, BHS has made significant strides forward in the last 12 months since receiving investment from the Simple.ie Green BES Fund. Its founder Jack O’Connor has been assisted by research from the biomass experts in the University of Limerick, and the company has now installed 3 pilot sites in Ireland [..]

  • Celtic Bioenergy, formerly known as Celtic Composting, a company established in 2001 by the Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year nominee Dr Andrew Walsh. Under the leadership of Walsh, Celtic has become the leader in the biological treatment of municipal waste and has been project developer for a number of large scale plant builds [..]

  • Skypaq, is a software developer based in Mullingar, Co. Westmeath, which recently announced a 10 year contract with Finnair. Prior to its investment the company had developed its innovative software with an Irish airline which subsequently went out of business. Breaking into the international airline sector was never going to be easy and needed the [..]

  • Hybrid Energy assists clients pursue a green strategy, increasing efficiency through innovative and cost effective solutions. Hybrid Energy solutions are offered on a sale, lease or rental basis, accommodating long term, short term and backup requirements.   Latest News from Hybrid Energy Solutions

  • Cool Power is the leading provider of solar electricity (PV) in Ireland. Working for over a decade with solar PV, we were the first company to install a grid connected solar PV system in Ireland. Latest news from Cool Power Products

  • Ikon Semiconductor is a fabless semiconductor company focused on developing innovative, highly integrated and efficient solutions for the rapidly growing LED lighting industry.The company has been founded by industry veterans with a proven track record of delivering world class solutions, taking an idea from concept right through to end product. View Ikon’s Website Latest News [..]

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Keywords: Business Expansion Scheme, Green Business

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The Fund contains some of Ireland’s most innovative companies engaged in activities such as renewables, waste management, energy efficiency and conservation who have benefited significantly from our investments that includes breaking into the export market. In addition to the investment opportunities our investors can also avail of full tax relief provisions through the Revenue approved Employment and Investment Incentive Scheme.


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In essence we are interested in assisting companies who have developed or wish to develop environmental technologies that can be scaled so that both the developer and investors can grow a business that in time will generate profit. We know that you’ll need our fund to help you make the investment in staff, research and development and overheads to allow your company reach its potential.


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In order to spread the commercial risk of the Fund, the Manager will seek to balance the portfolio of Investments across several industries.There will be a balance between low risk, medium risk and higher risk investments which will include investment into Investee Companies at various stages of development.


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Our objective is to achieve capital appreciation with a target goal of 15% per annum by investing in a balanced portfolio of low, medium and higher risk investments. The Fund was launched in 2007 and takes into account the full spectrum of the Green industry from energy efficient software to renewable energy technologies. Our Green EIIS Fund invests in high potential companies that operate in the Green sector.


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We aim to achieve 15% annual return through careful selection of the businesses that we invest in, and we spread investments over a portfolio of companies so as to minimise risk. The sector will continue to have large players keen to acquire new technology and specialist business which gives exit opportunities for our investments.