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By: Jamie Moran  05/12/2011
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Jamie started his career in Investment Banking, working in some of the most respected investment houses in the world before converting back to where his interests really lay; Property. With strong family connections in the construction industry, Jamie has always had a keen eye for property. Starting his own property portfolio in his early twenties, he quickly became comfortable negotiating property deals for himself and on behalf of others.

He set up his own property development and construction company in 2006. As a registered property contractor, Jamie also prides himself on his attention to detail. No other Buyer's Agent in Ireland can match the experience that this registered building contractor offers- this experience is invaluable when it comes to assessing the merits of any property.

Since 2008, Jamie has worked as a Property Consultant, where he has been involved in asset workout for distressed developments (see "

"). With strong financial acumen, a keen eye for detail and the ability to get value for money, Jamie is confident that as a Buyer's Agent he will be a huge help to any home buyers especially in the uncertain property market of today.

" When it comes to any property related issue, I am the person that you should come to- You can place your trust in me to step back and assess the merits and potential pitfalls of any property investment- I also drive a very hard bargain! " The benefits of this Buyer's Agent:
  • A greatly lowered stress level
  • With Jamie searching for you, time will be on your side
  • View terrific properties you'd never even know about on your own
  • Jamie represents only you
.. And most importantly..
  • Negotiating the best possible price on your behalf
Therefore, you're likely to save thousands of Euros.

If you're thinking that because you're hiring Jamie to do all the work, you'll end up spending more money than if you did all the tasks on your own, think again. Just the opposite is more than likely what you'll experience. Jamie will do his utmost to save you a multiple of what the fee is.

So not only will you save time and trouble, but also money.

Keywords: Buyer's Agent

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Jamie Moran's Home Buying Services

If searching for and buying a home was simple, you wouldn't need an expert Buyer's Agent like Jamie Moran to help save you money and make a successful purchase. The Buyer's Agency Ireland provides 2 options for the keen house buyer. No matter which one you do choose, you'll have Jamie on your side.


Jamie Moran's Home Buying Services - buyers agency option

This is where we get to know each other- the buyer explains what their precise requirements and limitations are- budget, location, proximity to certain schools, access to main infrastructure routes etc- and we provide information on how we?re going to help you through the buying process.


Jamie Moran - Affiliated Services

The Buyer's Agency Ireland has years of experience dealing with the transfer of property ownership.We have a positive working relationship with a couple of legal firms known to us and that we are satisfied will take care of our clients interests making the process as seamless as possible. We offer a highly experienced Project Team who will deliver an integrated solution to any commercial or residential development which is partially-complete.