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By: Jamie Moran  05/12/2011
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Engaging the services of professional property finder’s leaves nothing to chance and virtually nothing for the buyer to do except enjoy life and the prospect of moving into your ideal property.



  • Build your “Buyers Brief”
    This is where we get to know each other- the buyer explains what their precise requirements and limitations are- budget, location, proximity to certain schools, access to main infrastructure routes etc- and we provide information on how we’re going to help you through the buying process. If both parties are willing to proceed, we enter an agreement and our services are retained.
  • Research, Research, Research
    After agreeing to become your independent Buyer’s Agent, we start the research process before providing a Short List of certain properties which we are confident will match your requirements.
  • Time to Inspect
    After you've had a chance to carefully review the Short List, it's time to give a very careful look at some properties. But even here we do it in a way that respects your sanity, and your time. So rather than subjecting you to a flurry of rushed visits which may also intrude on your work or other plans, we arrange each inspection around your schedule, not ours.
  • Evaluation and Negotiation
    You've seen the properties, thought about them, and, hopefully, love one. One of the most critical parts of the entire process starts now. After assessing all the variables such as current market value, location, value growth prospects, vendor urgency and finance, The Buyers Agency Ireland will negotiate the best possible price for you, the buyer.
  • Completion - Survey and Convey
    We can recommend solicitors and/or engineers who are known to us to complete the sale in a timely and professional manner.
Retainer fee before stage 2: €500 plus Vat

(deductible from final invoice)

Total fee: Purchase Price Under €300,000:
Purchase Price €300,000 - €500,000:
Purchase Price Over €500,000:

Keywords: Buying Services, Home Buying, Home Buying Services,

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Why Use Jamie Moran

With strong financial acumen, a keen eye for detail and the ability to get value for money, Jamie is confident that as a Buyer's Agent he will be a huge help to any home buyers especially in the uncertain property market of today. No other Buyer's Agent in Ireland can match the experience that this registered building contractor offers- this experience is invaluable when it comes to assessing the merits of any property.


Jamie Moran's Home Buying Services

If searching for and buying a home was simple, you wouldn't need an expert Buyer's Agent like Jamie Moran to help save you money and make a successful purchase. The Buyer's Agency Ireland provides 2 options for the keen house buyer. No matter which one you do choose, you'll have Jamie on your side.


Jamie Moran - Affiliated Services

The Buyer's Agency Ireland has years of experience dealing with the transfer of property ownership.We have a positive working relationship with a couple of legal firms known to us and that we are satisfied will take care of our clients interests making the process as seamless as possible. We offer a highly experienced Project Team who will deliver an integrated solution to any commercial or residential development which is partially-complete.