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By: Advertising  05/12/2011

When communicating detailed messages in many languages to different markets around the globe it is important to have a clear and concise message. One needs to work with a communications consultant who understands the process. Talk to First Advertising and let us show you projects that deliver effective messaging clearly and succinctly.

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web design

Web Design — Our Web Design process considers your whole online marketing strategy, from SEO to marketing your business on facebook.


TV & Film — TV Advertising for Local and National Television from Irelands most dynamic Ad Agency. — First Advertising

The team at First Advertising have vast experience in developing and producing top quality, hard working television commercials for clients in FMCG, retail, financial services and consumer electronics. Concepts developed for TV should be capable of being delivered through online video and should allow for easy development of support media such as radio.


Radio Advertising — Local and national radio ads in Ireland from one of Dublin's best advertising agencies. — First Advertising

The Irish radio market is highly regulated and audited, with plenty of accurate data available on listenership and consumption habits.‘Prime time’ is usually defined as being between the hours of 7AM and 7PM, but as a general rule listenership tends to be highest at breakfast and mid-morning.


Design for Print — Press Ads, Branding, Graphic Design and Copywriting — First Advertising

Every day we come across hundreds of examples of print design: in our morning newspaper, on the journey to work, even on the paper cup our coffee comes in.. Every single one of them has the same aim - to get your attention and be different from the rest. We have an established newtwork of suppliers whom we trust to do a good job.


Press Advertising — Despite the predominace of the internet, the relevance of press advertising should not be underestimated. — F

Despite the predominace of the internet, the relevance of press advertising should not be underestimated and may even be an important driver in online marketing campaigns. To be seen and acted upon an ad should be visually appealing and have a compelling headline. A good press advertisement will entice the reader into wanting to learn more.