NuTech IRES (Intelligent Renewable Energy System

By: nutech renewables ltd  20/04/2012
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 Benefits of NuTech NuTech IRES System 

The NuTech IRES tackles two of the three thirds of Energy Demand for Space Heating, Ventilation and Hot Water in a Low Carbon House.        

The three thirds being; 

  1.       Heat Loss through the fabric i.e. walls, floors, windows and roof
2.       Heat Loss associated with air infiltration, which is necessary for ventilation
 3.       Heat Demand to provide Domestic Hot Water  

NuTech if required can advise on the first third by order of recommendations for the building fabric and building practice.   For the second third, once a Low Carbon House is airtight it is essential that adequate ventilation rates are delivered to maintain a healthy living environment in the house.

Before now, this was done by way of trickle vents. However this practice allows heat energy to leak from the house in an uncontrolled fashion, demeaning the efforts that have been put in to airtightening and insulating the house.

The NuTech IRES System uses a , which recovers heat from the outgoing extracted stale air, and transfers this heat to the incoming fresh air; thus reducing the level of heat loss that normally occurs through uncontrolled ventilation. are further discussed  

The tackles the last third. NuTech size and design the evacuated tube solar system so that it can generate up to 70% of a household's annual hot water demand. And by integrating the solar array to the NuTech can double the amount of solar energy captured and use it to reduce the overall energy demand. This reduces the amount of effort and input required by the main boiler, thus reducing the heating demand. 

The IRES (Intelligent Renewable Energy System), which has been in-house designed by NuTech Renewables Ltd, allows the control of a property's solar and ventilation system through one single controller. This ensures the heating and ventilation systems that are integrated in the house work in harmony rather than having disparate controls

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