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By: FloodPrecast  05/12/2011
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The Flood Flooring Prestressed Block and Plank system is well established and widely respected on the Irish market. Block and Plank composite flooring is a versatile lightweight easy to handle system designed with speed of erection and economy in mind. The system comprises precast, prestressed concrete planks containing a steel lattice girder and infill hollow concrete blocks. These elements provide a permanent shutter to the structural concrete.

The concrete planks, placed at 570mm centres, provides seating for the infill blocks. A bearing of 100mm on load bearing blockwork and 75mm on beams is required. Structural propping is required in the temporary condition prior to the placing of the pots or screed. Check each project for specific propping requirements and details. Service Openings can easily be catered for and on-site changes can be effected with great ease.

Cantilevers can normally be accommodated as extensions to the main span. (Consult the Flood Technical Advice Office for details). Block and Plank Flooring can be used to satisfy the acoustic requirements of the Building Regulations. The fire ratings meet the requirements of Table 3.5 of BS 8110 Part 1,1985. Block and Plank Flooring may also be designed to act compositely with steel or concrete support beams.

A number of CEILING FINISHES can be applied to the soffit of a Block and Plank floor

  1. The floor itself has a flat soffit which forms an ideal key for the direct application of plaster.
  2. The planks afford an excellent surface for the fixing of timber battens.
  3. Ceiling hangers can be inserted at the time of erection to allow for the fixing of a suspended ceiling.

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