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By: Dillon Solicitors  05/12/2011

Dillon Solicitors act for both commercial and private creditors. We have adapted a case management system that allows us to manage our debt collection matters as efficiently as possible. We examine every debt collection situation at the outset to establish if it is worth an investment of both time and expense to seek to recover the monies owed. The act of throwing good money after bad is something we wish to avoid for all our clients.

We provide a comprehensive range of services that includes the following:

  • The initial letter stage of writing to the other side and making the demand for payment
  • The issuing of proceedings
  • Attending court for the hearing, and
  • Enforcing judgment by the requisite means.

Judgments may be enforced by:

  • Registration of the judgment in the Judgment's Office of the High Court.
  • Registration of judgment in the Land Registry / Registry of Deeds.
  • Lodgement of the judgment with the Sherriff.
  • Garnishee order involving pursuing third parties that owe money to the debtor.
  • Application to the District Court for instalment orders.
  • Committal procedure where the order of the Court for enforcement has been ignored.
  • Liquidation.
  • Bankruptcy.
  • Orders for sale by way of application to the Court.

We have developed particular expertise and experience in the area of acting for Management Companies pursuing unpaid Service Charges on the part of owners of apartments / managed houses and for further information please contact Pauline Horkan or Áine Lamon on 01-2960666.

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