Bethany Bereavement Support Group

By: Bethany  05/12/2011
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Bethany Bereavement Support Groups support the bereaved in three main ways:

One to One Support at a Drop in Centre
The location of the Drop in Centre will always be advertised around the parish, in the church and in the parish newsletter. The service is normally provided on a once monthly basis on a set day and time. No appointment is necessary.
It provides the bereaved with the opportunity to talk in confidence with a trained listener on a one to one basis. This may be particularly suitable for people in the early stages of bereavement when they are feeling very vulnerable. The session will last as long as necessary but not normally more than one hour.

Group Sessions at a Drop in Centre
Once again the location and time will be advertised and no appointment is necessary.
Group sessions are run by a facilitator who sets the scene at the start of the session by outlining the confidential nature of everything that is said and how the session will run. Each bereaved person present is then given an opportunity to speak about their bereavement. The facilitator will ensure that everyone is given an opportunity to speak. Everyone is free to say as little or as much as they wish, there is no obligation to speak.

Home Visits
Bethany Bereavement Support Groups also make house visits. The first visit is usually made within two months of the bereavement. Two people normally make the first call. The person being called upon can if they wish invite the callers in but there is no obligation to do so. An arrangement can be made for one of the Bethany members to call again if the bereaved person wishes that. As a minimum the callers will leave a card or leaflet giving contact names and telephone numbers. Once again, anything discussed during these visits is strictly confidential.
The services outlined in this leaflet will vary from parish to parish. If you need to contact someone from Bethany contact names and telephone numbers should be available in your local church or parish

Keywords: Bereavement, bereavement support, church, support group