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By: Express Valve Services  05/12/2011

Now - what are you being charged per m3 for water?  Look at what you may be literally throwing down the drain without even knowing it! This Automatic Meter Reading System offers a fixed network solution for the collection of large amounts of water usage data and the network management.

As original and sole distributors for Ireland, WaterSpy is a hugely useful tool for anyone who is being charged for water or who really wants to account for their own water consumption. Used on schemes / meterd zones and indeed any premises, it is a hugely cost effective, on demand, tool for managing and monitoring your water usage thereby helping water conservation and can also be used for revenue collection through export of data files to billing packages. 

Using a simple setup, the user can see continuous usage patterns, volumes and graphs amongst other features which will help immediately, to alert of possible leaks, abnormal usage or inconsistent usage for example.

By transmitting all collected data from the meter to a dedicated server every 24 hours, the user can access their own highly secure portal with their own log in details and have immediate access to all their water usage details - be it a stand alone installation or a professional cluster. They can view their details in a variety of ways - by hour, day, week, month etc.

This facility can incorporate a number of seperately connected meters to form a "cluster" which can be viewed on your site, each with their own data and details. A hugely usefull tool if you need to apportion water usage definitively to seperate users as opposed to "estimates". An example of this could be a managed industrial estate where there are units receiving 'estimated' charges based on Water Bills from the main estate meter. This system could apportion the bills fairly according to individual usage.  

This cost effective tool can help you to reduce your water bills, conserve water and help you to more definitively account for seperate water users.

For those leaning more on pure conservation of water rescources and being water efficient - let's take schools for example, WaterSpy can be integrated into class programs to allow the students monitor, handle and decide on possible actions to be taken with regard to the school's water consumption. This can indeed be a useful tool in the area of "Green Flag" endevours.

Examples of users who would benefit; Local Authorities, Group Water Schemes, Facilities Management, Schools, Bars / Restaurants, Hotels, Shopping Centres, Hairdressers, Garden Centres, Golf Courses, Manufacturing facilities, Business Premises, Hospitals, Garages, premises with sub tennants using water, Management Companies allocating water charges to individual units - and many many more.

"I am very happy to confirm that since we installed WaterSpy we have been able to to monitor water consumption in the school much more closely and have become aware of leakages and wastage in the system. This will be of great benefit to the school in controlling costs and identifying waste" - Mr. Raymond King, Principal, Scoil Na Mainistreach, Celbridge, Co. Kildare

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