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The studio has been designed by Roger Darcy of Recording Architecture. Roger is a no nonsense architect who has an excellent understanding of how musicians and engineers expect to perceive sound. Each recording room has a different ambience so that a variety of sonic textures can be achieved, from small and dry to medium, to big and airy. This has all been done while achieving a good level of soundproofing and also maintaining good vision between the rooms for better communication between musicians.


When it comes to mixing we have enough inputs and outputs so that some of Beechpark’s excellent analogue gear can be inserted into Pro Tools. Not to mention two EMT plates, a 140 and a 240 Gold Foil! To create a stable mix session it is important that the word clock is stable for good converter quality. We use a Digidesign Sync I/O for this and our complete system is backed up by a Universal Power Supply which keeps the voltage stable and also keeps the computer from shutting down in the event of a power failure.


Hear the Difference

Mastering is the final doorway your music passes through on its journey from creation to the consumer's hand.  It is the technical and creative act of balancing, equalizing and enhancing, analog or digital recordings so that the finished product will have attained the maximum musicality and competitiveness in the open market.   It is the glue that turns a collection of songs into an album, a balanced listening experience that feels right from beginning to end. Your mastered CD is guaranteed redbook-standard and can be used as a press-ready master by commercial duplication facilities.  Complete PQ logs, ISRC codes (if applicable) and timings are included.

Analog & digital mastering for all formats

Preferred source material ; 24 bit data files (wav or aiff, 44.1 to 96 kHz)
We accept data cd, audio cd, DAT, 1/4" & 1/2" tape (Dolby SR, Dolby A), minidisc, cassette, records / vinyl, any device with analog, spdif, lightpipe, usb, or firewire connectivity.
Our recommended premaster (source) format is 24 bit audio stored in DATA format on CDR or DVDR. That said, please do not up or downsample your current file format if you are already working in the digital domain, keep the audio in the file formate it was recorded in.
The closer your source material is to your original recordings, the higher the quality and accuracy of your final product.

We provide the option to upload your project audio directly to our server, or to send a cd or dvd to our Studio in Dublin.  Most full length CDs take between 4 to 8 hours to complete. Follow-up sessions may take an hour or more if needed. If you plan to attend the session with others we urge you to keep the number of people to a minimum.

The monitor system is the heart of a great mastering room. The ATC SCM300A Monitor system is the starting point of this high resolution system which lets us level-match any source for accuracy that translates to the real world.

€70 PER SONG. All prices include One Master PMCD with PQ printout and One Reference CDR. Any additional work after the session will be charged at €70 per hour. Additional reference CDRs cost €9 each

Tape Services

CDs, computer files, vinyl records, cassettes, dat tapes, 1/4, 1/2 & 2 inch tapes. We have tape baking facilities so old tapes can be heated before transfer to get rid of the buildup of moisture that happens over a number of years, particularly if the tape has been stored in less then optimum conditions.  Owners of old multitrack tapes appreciate this because it allows them to remix old recordings.  Those with stereo masters find this a valuable service as it allows for the compiling of compilations of older recordings. Before transfering from the source we can equalize the original to 'revitalize' the quality if necessary. All two track analogue sources are transfered to digital using an Apogee Rosetta 200, one of the best convertors available.

Each reel will be inspected, edits repaired (if necessary), and a full alignment providing the tapes come with their alignment tones. We will transfer your tapes via our precision A to D converters in real time. Various digital formats and sample rates our available, call for more information.

€60 per hour (tape, vinyl, DATs, Cassettes)

TAPE BAKING (heat treatment)
€70 for 2" reel (€50 if doing more than 4 tapes)
€40 for 1/4", or 1/2"inch reel (€30 if doing more than 8 tapes)
** Discount for quantities over eight reels

All insurance is the sole responsibility of the tape owner.


We offer CD & DVD duplication and printing solutions for clients that require full colour, direct-to-disc recording and printing.  Simply send us your finished audio on a CD, and your finished artwork (jpeg or bitmap) on a CD or floppy disc, and we'll guarantee up to 500 discs (black printing only) completed in 48 hours.

Large quantity disc replication is generally completed in only 7-10 business days. Order 1000 or more CDs and receive (1) hour of FREE mastering in Beechpark Studio. Add punch, sheen and warmth to your finished recordings. Edit, fade, re-sequence, EQ, compress, and raise the digital playback volume.


Up to 100 discs €2.00 each
100 disks with full colour image and text €200.00
100 disks with text €150.00
200 CDs with full colour image and text €340.00
200 disks with text €250.00

*** The client must supply the artwork and we will only sanction it if we feel it will reproduce properly on disc.

From 2 Track to 56 Track.

Small, medium and large location recording systems. All systems are based on Pro Tools for ease of editing and mixing afterwards. We do a totally independent split from the PA system, with our own mic splitters, high quality mic preamps and processors.  Our principal is to record the event as flat as possible thus leaving maximum scope for mixing afterwards. We believe in a 'mimimum interference' policy so as not to interupt the flow of the performance. All equipment is racked and ready for transportation

• Up to 56 inputs of Digidesign 192 IO
• Digidesign Sync I/O for time code duties
• Apple Mac G4
• Rorke 4 Bay SCSI Rack with 4X36GB Seagate 10K Drives 

Plugins List
• Spectra Foo Complete
• Gold Bundle
• Amp Farm
• Auto-Tune 4
• Kontakt 3
• Broadband Noise Reduction
• SurroundScope
Pitch & Chorus
• DPP-1
• Eventide H949 Harmonizer
• Soundtoys Pitch blender
• Timeblender
• Voce Chorus/vibrato
• Voce Spin
• Time Comp-Exp/PitchShift
• PitchDoctor
Compressors & Gates
• Sony Oxford dynamics
• Bomb factory 1176
• Bomb factory LA-2A
• Drawmer Dynamics
• Digi Compressor
• Focusrite d3
• MC 2000 2.1
• Direct Connect
• Sony Oxford Eq
• Metric Halo Channelstrip
• Aphex Aural Exciter
• Aphex Big Bottom Pro
• Digi Eq
• Filterbank
• Focusrite d2
• Massenburg MDW Eq
• Pultec EQP-1A
• Rectifi
• Scifi
• Varifi
• Lofi
• Native Instruments B4 Organ
• NI Battery Drums
• NI Pro-52 Synth
Reverbs & Delays
• Altiverb HTDM
• D-Verb
• Echo Farm
• Digi Mod Delay
• Reverb one
• Bruno
• Reso
• Virus
Utility Tools
• Dither
• Invert/duplicate
• Normalize/gain change
• Reverse/DC Removal
• Signal generator
• Speed HD 1.4.1
• Time Adjuster
• Trim

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Keywords: Mastering