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By: Abby Plastics  05/12/2011
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Chemical resistant trays and sinks can be manufactured to specific requirements, complete with drains and steel support frames.
Materials include PVC Polypropylene, perspex and polycarbonate Plastic fabrication services are available to help you with one, several, or all of the following steps in the process: Supply: The ordering of stock components for further fabrication
Design: The creation of product size, shape, and other characteristics
Tool manufacturing: The creation of tools used to fabricate plastic
Machining: The manipulation of plastic material into its desired geometry
Assembly: The unification of various parts to create a complete product Plastic welding is the process of welding plastic parts together. Heat sealing is one of the primary processes of joining or welding plastics.
There are several techniques with which this can be accomplished including:  Hot gas welding, Speed tip welding, Extrusion welding, Contact welding, Spin welding and Solvent welding.
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