Reiki from Ranelagh Holistic Centre

By: Ranelagh Holistic Centre  21/05/2011
Keywords: holistic, reiki, stress management

Reiki is an energetic practice which promotes balance, well-being and relaxation. Reiki brings your body and mind into a restful state, similar to meditation. When the body is relaxed, it is easier to sleep and natural healing can take place.

When Reiki is used to ease the fear and anxiety that is experienced while being sick, the body is given a better opportunity to heal itself. When stress and axiety are lessened, life seems more manageable and more hopeful. It is thought that Reiki is a way of harnessing the Universal Life Force energy (Chi) that surrounds everything. No matter how or why it works, it does work, and Reiki is becoming more popular. More people than ever are becoming attuned to Reiki, teaching Reiki and giving Reiki to friends, to family, even to their pets. 

Keywords: energy healing, holistic, reiki, stress management