Psychotherapy using Energetic Techniques

Psychotherapy using Energetic Techniques from Ranelagh Holistic Centre

By: Ranelagh Holistic Centre  21/05/2011
Keywords: holistic, Counselling, psychotherapy

When life seems to get on top of you, it is always good to talk to someone. The difference between talking to a friend and talking to a therapist is that with a therapist you get a trained ear who will not judge you, interrupt you or give an opinion.

A Psychotherapy/Counselling session is your time to talk about your issues, so that afterwards you feel unburdened, you can think more clearly and you can feel more able to cope with life. Everything is Energy.  Energy flows where attention goes - if you are spending most of your time worrying, or being anxious or stressed, that is where you are also spending most of your energy. Doing this for long periods of time is exhausting. It becomes difficult to look at the positive side of things; after a while, it may seem that things never will get better.

As well as helping clients work through issues such as bereavement, stress, relationships, panic attacks, low self confidence, addictions and eating disorders; I also discuss bigger picture topics such as: What are your hopes and dreams? Are you on the right path to finding happiness in your life? Can you see a future that excites you and how do you get there?

I invite my clients to expand their awareness of how energy flows in their body depending on how they are feeling. By stepping into the pure energy of emotion, clients discover which issues their bodies are holding onto, and which unresolved issues from their past are amplifying the problems of the present.

Through visualisation techniques, affirmations and meditations it is possible to shift and release trapped emotional energy from the body in a very deep way. To compliment the bodywork we also look at the corresponding energy of thoughts. We discuss how thought patterns can hold us in a space of negativity or positivity, and we work directly with the client’s thoughts, with the aim of transforming negative repetitive thought patterns into more positive affirmations.

Keywords: Counselling, energy healing, holistic, psychotherapy, stress management