Ceiling Cleaning : Clean All Over

By: Clean All Over  05/12/2011

Restore your ceiling’s beauty with Acoustical Recoat.

Why Acoustical Recoat?

  1. Restores Acoustical Tiles to their original beauty
  2. Cost effective
  3. No Business interruptions

Some ceilings are beyond cleaning, or they are highly textured and do not clean well. ‘Acoustical Recoat’ gives the owner an alternative to replacing expensive tiles that can’t be cleaned.

‘Acoustical Recoat’ is long lasting, it allows years between treatments. It blends so easily that you can do part one day and take up where you left off the next day or next week withougth overlap showing. There is low volume of fallout from overspray. All of these things contribute to easing business disruptions.

Why not just replace them?

Replacement costs would be considerable great, when you consider the cost of the tiles and include disposal cost. Compared to replacement recoating will be a substantial budget stretching decision.

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