Leaves, a blessing not a burden

Leaves, a blessing not a burden from City Garden Landscaping

By: City Garden Landscaping  13/11/2014
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Now is the time of leaves. They fill your gardens, driveways, drains, gutters and lawns. These leaves are seen as a problem because they require some care and cleaning. But, the leaf is a gift from nature. Leaves in the form of leaf mulch, mould and compost are a valuable soil builder which greatly improves the soil's structure and water holding capacity. Along with feeding the soil it houses and feeds beneficial organisms, important for all parts of your garden. Leaf Mulch: Mulch is leaves not thoroughly decomposed. You can use mulch as a weed suppressor as well as a barrier between your soil and frost, cold, wind and heat along with stray sunlight. Do be aware that is using leaf mulch around the base of plants for protection, it is important not to touch the plant stems Leaf Mould: This is created by forming a pile of leaves left to naturally degrade for two years. If you want to speed up the process, you can shred the leaves first. Leaf mould has similar qualities to peat but it has a renewable source and can be used to replace peat as a potting compost for example. Leaf Compost: This is leaves mixed and broken down with other organic material. This is fantastic food for your soil, packed with organisms and nutrients. AS a tip; when mixing leaves with other organic material it is important to mix it around from time to time as compost ecosystems need air. Porosity is essential and a flat, matted pile of leaf or grass will compress and effect the process. Take Care – leaves left lying on lawns and flower beds can be a problem as they will inhibit growth by blocking sunlight to grass and new shoots. Over the years I have designed and developed diverse methods of harvesting leaf mulch, mould and compost. Why not get in touch to discuss how your leaf problem can transform your garden for the better. Chat soon, Ross

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