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By: Actel  05/12/2011

Microsemi's SoC Products Group has more than 180 intellectual property (IP) products designed and optimized to support communications, consumer, military, industrial, automotive and aerospace markets. Microsemi IP solutions streamline your designs, enable faster time-to-market and minimize design costs and risk. You can access the IP cores through the Microsemi Libero® Integrated Design Environment (IDE) suite of development tools via the SmartDesign IP design interface. Many Microsemi DirectCores feature firmware drivers accessible through the Firmware Catalog tool.

IP Cores

DirectCores are designed, verified, supported and maintained by Microsemi for Microsemi devices. These proven cores come complete as pre-implemented, synthesizable building blocks and have been thoroughly verified in Microsemi FPGAs.
Access to more than fifty DirectCores is included as obfuscated RTL with the Libero IDE Gold license. Libero IDE Gold licenses are available FREE on the Microsemi SoC Products Group website. Purchase of a Libero IDE Platinum license provides access to full RTL source code for the same selection of more than fifty cores.
CompanionCores are sourced, verified, supported and maintained by Microsemi IP partners. They are proven, pre-built IP cores optimized for use in Microsemi devices and tools.
All IP cores are combined in a database to allow easy searching for your needs. In addition you can List All Cores to browse the list.
Combined listing of select IP and complete utilization tables.

Development Software Resources for IP

The Firmware Catalog is a standalone executable program that supports Microsemi SoC , ™, and ® embedded processor development toolchains targeting the ARM® , , and processors. The Firmware Catalog streamlines locating and generating firmware that is compatible with Intellectual Property (IP) cores used in Microsemi SoC FPGA designs.

IP and Design Service Partners

Microsemi SoC is committed to providing our customers with complete, integrated solutions. As a result, we have established a network of partners to assist with your design needs