Vibration Training | Mi Gym Swords & Malahide

By: Migym  05/12/2011

Vibration Training | Mi Gym Swords & Malahide

One of the most sought after experience is available at MiGym free of charge when you are a member – Vibration Training.

How it works?

The Vibration plate works in a similar way to weight/resistance training and is called Vibration Training. The Vibration plate generates vibrations from the platform to the body, which makes the muscles contract and expand approximately 30 times per second, depending on the speed it is on.
Your body’s response to this vibration stimulus can produce a variety of health benefits.

For beauty.

Vibration training gives you very good results in the fight against cellulite and also strongly stimulates the metabolism and the burning of fat.


  • Flexibility
  • Increase muscle strength
  • Combats Osteoporosis
  • Rehabilitation of the body
  • Increases Metabolism
  • Speed training recovery
  • Increase bone density, reduce muscles wasting
  • Stimulates lymph drainage
  • Increase blood circulation,minimises cellulite

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Studio Use | Mi Gym Swords & Malahide

We generally use our studio for classes, however, the great thing about MiGym is you can use our studio and equipment between classes. Floor mats are also at hand for any stretching, ab work or yoga stretches, you can use our equipment in our studio complimentary. You can bring your own boxing gloves if you want, but we also provide focus pads and boxing gloves to us for free.


Mi Gym Swords & Malahide

We like show everyone our facility in person so you get a sense of the personal care you receive from MiGym.We will give you a guided tour of the club and answer any questions you may have. At MiGym we believe that each and every member should get the same great level of service for no extra cost, and thats what we do. Our members reach their goals much quicker due to this. Free classes throughout the day.