Life Insurance

By:  08/08/2016
Keywords: financial advice, insurance brokers, life insurance

Life Insurance provides protection for the consumer and/or their dependants against potential financial loss arising from the death and/or serious illness of the consumer. It provides a financial lump sum upon a pre-determined event occurring such as a death or serious illness of the life assured.

Keywords: financial advice, Financial Advisors, insurance brokers, life insurance

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When taking a standard mortgage (which is called a Capital & Interest mortgage), borrowers are usually required by their lender to take out a form of mortgage protection life cover to clear any balance outstanding on the mortgage should the borrower die during the mortgage term. This ensures that the borrower’s dependants are protected and will own the property in full without any outstanding mortgage.


House Insurance

Typically home insurance will protect individuals against financial losses arising from unforeseen events which may occur to your home and its contents such as fire, storm damage or any theft which may have occurred.