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By: Focus Business Advisers  05/12/2011

When you first went into business you had a vision, a goal and lots of enthusiasm. Today you are more likely to have regulation, problems and priorities and what you most definitely lack is enough time, expertise and focus.

The reality of course is that many of the issues you are grappling with are not unique and there are solutions. Many MDs try to fix things themselves, but somehow they frequently do not succeed. Why? Because they do not have the time, do not have the requisite expertise at their disposal and often have many more urgent things to do first. That issue which is not quite so urgent could of course be sapping the life-blood out of your business over time.

Take an hour or so away from from the business and have a session with one of our partners. Be prepared to be honest and get value from the consultation. You’ll certainly enjoy the experience and you should feel better afterwards as you begin to see the way forward.

The consultation is informal but structured and takes the form of a Q&A session where our partner will explore various elements of your business. All aspects of your businsess will be covered from your basic vision, strategy, products/services, marketing & sales, to finance and operations. The outcome of the session will be a short list of areas or issues where further action or even analysis may be required.

This free consultation can be held at a place and time of your choosing – and remember it is totally free and there is no subsequent obligation in any form.

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At Focus Business Advisers we help Managing Director/Owners clarify what issues they face, how those issues might be tackled and then help implement the solutions. Select any of the headings in the left hand column and get a feel for the areas in which we provide real assistance and value to businesses and people such as you.


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Running a small to medium sized business or a family-owned business today means you are faced with an often overwhelming array of daily challenges - challenges that can take your focus away from the future, because you're simply trying to get by today. The report, in Power Point form, presents the information gathered, sets out any areas where action is required and then importantly gives you a detailed plan to address the issues identified.


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Many SME owners find themselves so immersed in day-to-day operations that they have difficulty seeing what lies ahead - both the threats and the opportunities. A strategic plan points to specific results that are to be achieved by a business and establishes a course of action for achieving them. Develop clear and realistic operational and strategic goals, including the necessary budget, to achieve the desired strategic objectives.


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Whether you are a five person company or a multinational, a sound sales and marketing rational and good practice are essential - though the scale, complexity and budget may be somewhat different. Some of our partners have successfully developed and managed the sales and marketing function for multinationals as well as for on-man-bands. Structures and Best Practice in your Sales, Marketing and Customer Care Functions.