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By: Amaze  05/12/2011

Develop your potential or make a career move!  So how can the ‘care’ of another help you in either of these areas. You may have thought from the title that I was about to launch on a ‘rant’ of some sort. Rather, I was encouraging you to bring to mind those people in your life who care about you; who do actually give a damn about you, your potential and your career.   You..

Can everyone develop his or her potential? When I talk to people about the concept of ‘development of potential’, a question that seems to arise often is whether everyone can develop their potential. It always amuses me that some people assume that they have less capability or right to expect to amaze themselves. When further explored with the individual, the question is always posed with..

Handling complaints successfully Every time. If you are like most of the sales professionals I work with everyday, you have had lots of experience in handling complaints. Chances are you have a natural ability to calm people down and things always work out for the best. Alternatively, you are one of those people who dread getting that phone call or having to attend a meeting where you..

If you are one of the 78% of the business leaders with whom  I have spoken to in 2005, the single biggest challenge you are facing is finding and recruiting excellent sales people. Inwardly you are exasperated. You took a lot of time, spent a lot of money and invested a lot of energy in getting the resource up to speed. Now  6 months into the relationship, you begin to realise that this..

Selling under pressure Em! An interesting statement in itself. If you are like me, pressure is an integral part of being a sales professional. You use it to motivate yourself, it gives you a buzz, you cope with it well and no other person in your company has the same pressures to deal with. If it was not for customers, targets, reports, time schedules and managers you would have the..

    Performance Lotto. Thoughts on creating a high-performance environment; if you don’t want to leave it to chance. How many of you have ever watched the Simpson’s on TV?  Love them or hate them, I fell off the chair laughing when Homer gave this piece of advice to Bart “If you really want something in this life you have to work for it. Now quite; they’re about to..