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By: Storlife  05/12/2011
Keywords: storage solutions, Corporate Governance, Lifecycle Management

StorLife's lifecycle management functions enable the implementation of specific policies regarding the retention, disposal, encryption access rights for the specific content types to meet compliance and corporate governance requirements.

StorLife - The new generation of Secure, Compliant Storage

StorLife is a software-only solution providing the superior performance of magnetic disk, while ensuring scalability, resilience and assured content authenticity at a lower cost of ownership. StorLife delivers (WORM) protection and retrieves information using a that ensures retrieval of the original unaltered document.

StorLife content storage solutions help organisations to securely archive, protect and retrieve information over its entire life cycle. StorLife provides real-time information access, while at the same time guaranteeing the integrity and authenticity of the information to comply with regulatory standards and compliance obligations, such as HIPAA, Sarbanes-Oxley, SEC 17a-4 and the European Data Directive.

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Keywords: Content Addressed Storage, Corporate Governance, Lifecycle Management, storage solutions

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With a choice of deployment architectures, System Administrators can choose the appropriate level of performance, scalability and resilience using configuration options such as network load balanced active/active servers, replicated servers, multiple or parallel servers to ensure no single point of failure and provide for automatic fail-over.


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StorLife also provides a File System Interface called the File System Gateway which allows applications to write and retrieve files and folders to StorLife as they would to any windows volume. The service will run on any Microsoft Windows 2003 Server and can utilise any Windows Addressable file storage device e.g. RAID, SAN, NAS or iSCSI.


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By understanding what business information is important for regulatory compliance, the appropriate classification and policies can be put in place to manage the capture, indexing, archiving, retrieval, retention and ultimately end-of-life disposal of information.