Healthcare | Claims Management | SoftCo FormsAccess Solution

By: SoftCo Group  05/12/2011

Hospital administration is hard enough without the added burden of paper-based insurance claims. Mistakes happen and cashflow grinds to a halt. Missing paperwork adds weeks to turnaround times with hospitals and consultants re-submitting documents. Worse still, the only copies of the claim usually reside with the insurer which makes query resolution almost impossible without re-collating all the paperwork.

With SoftCo FormsAccess, complex patient claim processes are streamlined to save time and collect money faster. A single electronic version ensures both parties are always working from the same document. Stored securely, patient claim files can be easily searched and retrieved by the hospital, consultant and insurer. Sharing a single view of the same documents makes a complicated process much simpler, saving time and money for all concerned.

Key Benefits:

  • Faster payments and reduced queries
  • Elimination of forms re-submission
  • Instant access to documents for query resolution
  • Integration with existing Hospital Information Systems
  • Secure compliant document storage

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