Tennis Logbook

By:  04/04/2011
Keywords: Tennis, Tennis Coaching, Tennis Video Analysis

Tennis Logbook

What is the log book?

The logbook is an online video log system which is used to keep information about your tennis journey.

“An innovative product to help develop your tennis game”.

•    Slow motion video footage of stroke mechanics with detailed commentary.
•    Watching your strokes on screen during a lesson provides immediate visual feedback.
•    Frame by frame footage of player stroke mechanics.
•    Stroke mechanic comparison to other players and professionals.
•    Detect potential problem areas to prevent common overuse injuries.

Package: Platinum Tennis Package


o    Minimum of 10 video posts and professional analysis.
o    24/7 access to your stroke library.
o    Analysis of strokes via personal account.
o    Online diary / personal log.
o    Interactive coach at any time – Ask questions online.
o    10% off tennis lessons in nZone Tennis Academy.
o    10% off Nzone and Tecnifibre sports gear.

*Cost: €140.

*Price does not include your lessons.

Keywords: Tennis, Tennis Coaching, Tennis Video Analysis