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By: Legal Costs  05/12/2011
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General We provide a full range of Legal Costs services with some notable additions including an Arbitration service in respect of legal costs and a Practice Valuation service.

  • We prepare, negotiate, settle and/or Tax:
    • Party and Party costs of any party to an action who has been awarded costs.
    • Solicitor Client, Solicitor and Own Client costs arising under any circumstances.
  • We attend Taxations and Arbitrations countrywide
  • We are happy to accept instructions to oppose Bills of Costs prepared by third parties.

In summary, we at Connolly Lowe can provide invaluable assistance in 'maximising' or 'minimising' the legal costs arising in any particular matter.

Detailed Bill of Costs
We prepare fully detailed Bills of Legal Costs in full Taxation format following detailed examination and consideration of your file. The Bill produced is in accordance with the Rules of the Superior Courts.

Please forward the entire of your file and papers to:

Connolly Lowe
Legal Costs Accountants
3 Inns Quay
Dublin 7
IrelandOr, via Document Exchange to:
D.X. 100

Alternatively if your office is located in the Dublin or greater Dublin area, we can make arrangements for our in-house courier to collect your papers. Just telephone 804 4130. 

Arbitration Service

We are happy to act as Independent Arbitrators in disputes between parties concerning Legal Costs. The procedure adopted is usually as follows:  Written submissions are received and examined.  If necessary this is followed by an oral hearing at our offices before a panel of experienced Legal Costs Accountants. A final and binding decision is given by the panel.  Should you wish to avail of this service please telephone us at:(01) 8044130

Practice Valuations

This is a service which has proved invaluable to many of our clients over the years in the purchase, sale or merger of their practice.  We offer a comprehensive service which usually, depending on the size of the practice, involves sending in a team of Legal Costs Accountants to your office who will then value each file separately as to:

We will then furnish a detailed bound Report which is used in tandem with the Accountants' rule of thumb i.e. x times turnover, to give an accurate assessment of not only the value of the practice but also the value of each individual section i.e. District Court, Circuit Court, High Court, Supreme Court, Probate, Conveyancing, Commercial etc.

Should you wish to avail of this service please telephone us at: (01) 8044130

Keywords: Arbitration Service, Legal Costs Accountants, Legal Costs Services