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By: James Sweetman  05/12/2011
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Training – Customised Solutions

The purpose of all training is to stimulate sustained behavioural change and to ultimately create tangible benefits for the business. When working with organisations I start by asking questions like – ‘What are the results you want to achieve from the training?’ ‘What is the behavioural change you are seeking?’ ‘How will you know when the training is successful?’ The answers to these questions remain the focus when I work with you to create your customised training solutions.

I specialise in what is generally referred to as ‘soft skills,’ but which most organisations realise are really the ‘hard skills.’ These are also the skills that are the differentiating factors between average and outstanding performance in most fields of endeavour.

When we are clear about the desired training results, I will then tailor a programme to meet your specific outcomes and requirements. For example, I recently designed a one-day ‘Professional Effectiveness’ workshop for an organisation that combined elements of Time Management, Motivation, Communication Skills, Customer Service and Personal Branding.


The most effective training takes place when attendees are simply being themselves in the room and can enjoy the learning experience.

My style of delivery whilst professional and thought-provoking is informal and relaxed. I always endeavour to create an energised environment as this not only aids people’s learning, but it makes the workshop more enjoyable. My training workshops are never ‘death by powerpoint,’ the focus is always on practical learning and useful techniques that attendees can easily apply to their own situations. I blend training and coaching techniques during my workshops which embeds learning and which I believe is critical in achieving lasting results.

Keywords: customised solutions

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Services | | James SweetmanJames Sweetman

I specialise in what is generally referred to as ‘soft skills,’ those skills which most organisations realise are the differentiating factors between average and outstanding performance in most fields of endeavour. The process of designing your customised training solution starts by answering the question – ‘what are the results you want to achieve from the training?.


Personal, Executive and Interview Skills CoachingJames Sweetman

My intention during coaching sessions is to create a reflective, supportive, yet challenging and focused environment that encourages the raising of self-awareness. My key belief when working with coaching clients is that you, the client are the expert as regards your own life. The purpose of coaching is to support and challenge you to achieve your personal and /or business goals. My sole focus is to assist you in achieving your outcomes.


Personal (Life) CoachingJames Sweetman

Nothing gives me more satisfaction than helping and challenging my personal coaching clients to discover their gifts and talents and then how to share them with the world. If you want to be in a creative space that will allow you to see clearly what you want from life and to create an action plan to instigate the changes you seek.


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Whether you are going for your first interview, have not had an interview in years, or are after that dream role, doesn’t it make sense to get professional assistance to help you prepare as best you can. By having an Interview Skills Coaching session with me, you will be armed with the skills and mindset required to ‘be your best’ at your interview.


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Putting those skills into practice, applying the learning, is the concept at the heart of executive coaching, as only behavioural change leads to greater effectiveness, personal growth and improved results for you and your organisation. Most sessions are two-hours in duration, though sometimes I will recommend a half-day session depending on the issue or issues the client wishes to explore.