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By: James Sweetman  05/12/2011
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I believe that we each have a blue-print for living our best lives deep within us – a purpose that is engraved on our souls. This is the life that will bring us the most happiness and greatest fulfillment with the least effort. I can help you discover and shape your ‘best life blue-print.’

I’m constantly amazed at what is created when we sit together in a space of trust, honesty, and commitment. I won’t have a set curriculum when working with you, because you set the agenda – your speaking, your desired results are my sole focus.

It has been my great privilege to work with a wide variety of extraordinary people, people who want to step into their own power and fully inhabit their lives. Nothing gives me more satisfaction than helping and challenging my personal coaching clients to discover their gifts and talents and then how to share them with the world.

If you want to be in a creative space that will allow you to see clearly what you want from life and to create an action plan to instigate the changes you seek, then contact me.

Key Information

  • Personal Coaching sessions are three hours in duration
  • Sessions take place at my premises – Alexandra House, Ballsbridge, Dublin 4
  • The cost of personal coaching sessions is dependent on a number of factors so please contact me for a quotation

Quick Tips

What would you like to be different in your life?
What does a challenge you are facing, ask of you that you are still withholding?
What advice would someone you admire give to you right now?
Play the Sphere of Life and get a quick snapshot of your life….

‘The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.’
- Marcel Proust

Keywords: Coaching Sessions

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