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The ICMS Technical functionality allows Lessors to store all key information relating to Aircraft and Major Components within an integrated environment.

The Asset Register provides a central repository of data for the Technical Information and allows quick and easy access to all key information relating to Aircraft, Major Components, Maintenance Programs, Shop Visit History, Event Planning and Technical Specifications.

Major Components

The System allows the Lessor to store the Major Component Structure of each Aircraft down to the LLP Level if required. Example of Major Components are as follows:

  • Airframe
  • Landing Gears – Nose, LH Wing, LH Body, RH Body, RH Wing
  • Engines – Modules and LLP Disk Sheets
  • APU  

The System will maintain TSN/CSN, TSLSV/CSLSV, TUNSV/CUNSV for all major components.

Maintenance Programme & Shop Visits

ICMS allows the Technical Team to maintain a master list of OEM Maintenance Event Types for each family of Aircraft/Engine/APU and Landing Gear. The OEM Maintenance Event will store the recommended Manufacture Planned Intervals, Assumed Cost and RMC Target Rates stored against it.

The OEM Events can be easily assigned to Aircraft/Components across the Portfolio. The System will also allow you to store the corresponding Operator Maintenance Program, which will give even greater accuracy to Maintenance Planning.

The Technical System is integrated with the Maintenance Reserves function of Contracts Management. As Utilisation is input on a monthly basis, the System automatically updates all associated Maintenance Events and estimates when future Maintenance Events are scheduled to occur.

Shop Visit History information can be stored against all major components, allowing the User to store details of work carried out, TSN, CSN at Shop Visit and store any relevant technical documentation associated with the Shop Visit.  

Technical Specification

The Technical team can store detailed Technical Specifications for the Aircraft on the System. The Technical Specifications are fully integrated with Data Collection and Document Generation functionality.

Examples of the information that can be stored is as follows:

  • Chapter 1 – General Information
  • Chapter 3 – Design Weights
  • Interior Configuration
    • Detailed Passenger Seating Accommodation
    • Crew Accommodation
    • Detailed Galley Layout and Specifications
    • Detailed Lavatory Layout and Specifications
  • Fuel Specifications
  • Modifications
  • Equipment/Avionics List by ATA Chapter

The System allows for any associated images and documentation to be stored against the Aircraft such as LOPA's etc. 

Technical Monitoring & Compliance

Using ICMS Event Tracking functionality the Technical Team will be able to schedule and monitor Technical Audits, C of A's, Maintenance Checks etc. 

All associated data can be accessed via reports, for maintenance/resource planning purposes.

Depreciation & Market Valuations

ICMS allows for the storage of both NBV Scheduled and Appraised Market Valuations in the System.

Using the flexible Depreciation functionality, the User can depreciate the Asset at an Aircraft or at a Component Level, producing an aggregated Depreciation balance at each month end.  

The System also supports the storage of multiple Market Valuations of Assets from Appraisers such as AVITAS or AIRCLAIMS. 

Maintenance Reserve Exposure Analysis

The Maintenance Reserve Exposure Analysis allows the User to monitor Coverage and Exposure for Maintenance Costs for their Portfolio based on agreed Operator Maintenance Reserve Rates.

The System provides detailed analysis in both list and graphical form of Maintenance Coverage and Exposure for Aircraft at the following key Milestones:

  • Assumptions At Delivery
  • Current
  • At Next Event
  • At Expiry
  • At a given point in the future for your entire Portfolio  

This functionality can also be used as a Pricing Model for new Leases and for Servicing Reports for Third Parties. 

Data Collection

The ICMS Technical Data Collection allows the Technical team to gather information on the Aircraft during planned Technical Inspections. The functionality allows the team to export the Aircraft Data into an Excel Form, which can then be filled out by either a team member or a third party service provider.  

Once completed the file can be imported into ICMS and the System will allow for on-screen validation, review and modification.  

Technical Expenditure

This module provides a Purchase Ledger to track all Costs associated with both Project and Non-Project Expenditure in your Company. It provides a full Purchase Order, Invoice matching and Payment mechanism.  

It provides Cost Management functionality, by allowing the User to set up Budgets for each Maintenance Project being undertaken by the Technical team. Costs can be estimated against particular Cost Types, with ‘estimates versus actual' tracking as PO 's are raised and Invoices Paid.

This module also allows the User to track any rechargeable cost items, which may be invoiced in the Contracts Management Module as a Recharge.

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