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ICMS Contracts Management functionality allows you to manage all key financial and non-financial obligations related to Aircraft Leasing.

Contract Information

ICMS will provide support and administration for the following types of Income:

  • Operating Leases - Fixed, Stepped, Floating, Power by Hour
  • Maintenance Reserves
  • Finance Leases
  • Loans
  • Ad-Hoc/Recharge Amounts
  • Fees
  • Default Interest
  • Security Deposits
  • Credit Facilities  

ICMS provides the following key supporting functions for Contracts Management:

  • Contract Summaries
    • Company Structure, Aircraft Registration, Delivery/Redelivery Conditions, Pricing, General Information and Document Storage for key Lease Documents
  • Detailed Schedules for all Category of Income/Debt
  • Maintenance Reserves Management
    • Reserved Funds, Charges, Escalation, Lessor Contributions, Utilisation History, Fund Balances, Refunds and Drawdowns
  • Automatic Calculation of all Amounts Due
  • Security – Deposits, Letters of Credit and Guarantees
  • Options
  • Insurance Management
  • Lease Obligations and Compliance Event Management
  • Automatic generation of Contract Executive Summaries and Rating Agency Reports 

Billing Process

  • All Payment Calculations, Bank Details, Lessee Contact Information, Lessor Contact Information and Company Secretarial Information etc can automatically be included on Invoices
  • Billing functionality is integrated with Diary Management to allow back office to manage the Billing Process

Settlements Process

  • ICMS provide functionality to Interface with Cash Management System
  • Provides flexible interface to allow allocations of Cash Receipts against outstanding receivables
  • Multiple type of settlement type supported (cash, bank charges etc.) 

AR/Debtors Reporting

  • ICMS provides a wide range of AR/Debtors Reports to support your AR Collection Process
  • Automatic production of AR Reports for management review meetings, allowing easy review of current AR Balance with corresponding Aged Analysis and Security Deposits, Letters of Credit and Guarantees held
  • AR Reports can be placed in ICMS Home Page allowing users to view Outstanding AR Balance for any Customer
  • Overdue Interest – Automatic calculation of Compound and Simple Interest  

General Ledger Information

  • ICMS provides functionality to automatically produce required Billing, Accrual and Cash Journals, Journal Vouchers transactions on the Contracts Module
  • If required, the System can also produce Journals for N-Tier Head Lease transactions
  • Integration with your General Ledger of choice is achieved using ICMS Interface functionality. This will produce the file format required by your General Ledger, with the ability to attach whatever analysis fields you require

Keywords: aircraft leasing, contracts management, Credit Facilities, General Information, Home Page, Lease Obligations

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