By: Trinet  05/12/2011
Keywords: Antivirus, Antivirus Products


This page lists a range of products supplied by Trinet.

Trinet supply a wide range of antivirus products including:

  • Sophos Antivirus

  • AVG Professional

  • Norton Antivirus

These are just a range of Antivirus products we supply

Firewall Protection

We at Trinet tend to put our trust in the SonicWall range of firewall's, these products can come with a full range of security suites. They also come in various sizes depending on your business needs. Some of the products available are:

For the larger office, the Pro series is an ideal choice.

Server & Workstations
We at Trinet tend to look in the direction of Dell for our server needs, there are various reasons why we would choose Dell. One of the main reasons is that the server support from Dell is superb. I have first hand experience of this and stand over this statement 100%

We are not limited to Dell products and so supply a wide range of other brands, such as HP, Acer, IBM, Apple, Sony, etc.

Keywords: Antivirus, Antivirus Products