By: Jk Solutions  05/12/2011

At JK Solutions we offer varying levels of service depending on the customers specific requirements and the scope of the work to be undertaken. This means that the cost is not fixed but charged depending on the duration of the contract and the location of the company.

Typical interaction with a company consists of;

  1. Initial consultation and assesment of the company. This involves an open discussion on the strenghts and weeknesses and explination of the benifits JK Solutions involvment can bring to the company. (Free Service).
  2. Project specification. Carried out by JK Consulting.
  3. Project submission. (Fromal report outlining goals, objectives, timescale and costs involved).
  4. Accecptance or Refusal of project by the client.
  5. Upon acceptance of project contract signed by both parties.
  6. Work commences.

Examples of our standard Rates are: (These prices are guideline prices only).

Initial Consultation: - Free

Site Visit: - €450 per day (Short Contract and initial visits).
Site Visit: - €350 per day (Longer term, subsequent days).

Travel: - €0.90 per Kilometer.

Hotel: - €100 per night.

Car Rental: - €50 per day.

Flights: - €150 per trip

System Development: - Not a fixed price, cost depends on the scale of the project and the technologies to be used.

The information in this article was current at 02 Dec 2011