ALU® - modular merchandising systems

By: Alu  05/12/2011

SLIDER is the latest display system designed by ALU to meet everyday’s retailers’ needs.

It consists of a set of parallel tracks on which you can attach different sizes of cabinets, graphic panels and other accessories that enable you to display a variety of product categories.

SLIDER gives you the ability to change, personalize, expand, downsize, move, remove, rotate and slide your boxes and accessories to create ever changing configurations.

The system allows you to work on more layers in order to display different products and communicate at the same time.

Communication : slide in and out graphic panels directly on the rail.

Merchandise : rotating cabinets allow high load capacity and quick change of set ups thanks to an innovative patented lock mechanism.

Display : clips, mirrors, face-outs and other accessories can be easily inserted on the rail’s channel to display a variety of products category.

The Box frame and the tracks are aluminium extrusions with an anodized finish, the box panel offered by the standard program can be in acrylic or metal but flexibility in terms of customization is a point of excellence: colours, sizes and panel materials (wood, glass, metal, etc) can change and adapt to your store atmosphere.

Technically designed to simplify retailers’ work, SLIDER is very easy to install and assemble. No tools are necessary to reconfigure your wall, all you need is your creativity.

Safety and high load capacity are guaranteed by an innovative patented lock mechanism.