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By: Heraghty  05/12/2011

Many websites contain lots of colourful graphics, yet are frustrating to use. Some websites are ugly, yet cluttered with rich features and functions.

At User Journeys, we design websites and apps that are clean, clear, professional, attractive and easy-to-use.

Building Usability in From The Start

By engaging User Journeys to undertake the complete design, you can take a user-centred approach from the beginning. This means:

  1. Your users are more likely to be have a positive experience
  2. You will have a greater ROI from the app, due to reduced long-term costs (costs incurred from fixing design mistakes)

Our Approach

Whether you need a simple brochure website or an eCommerce site with a mobile app, we will follow this general template:

  1. Requirements/Analysis
    • Identify the project stakeholders
    • Determine the business goals and objectives
    • Determine the users’ needs
    • Analyse your competitors, if required
    • Create Personas/Use Cases/Storyboards, if required
    • Conduct Field Research, if required
    • Etc.
  2. Architecture/Wireframes/Prototypes
    • Create the Sitemap/Menu Structure
    • Rapidly create wireframes or interactive prototypes of the site.
    • Conduct usability tests on the wireframes, if required
    • Revise the wireframes, based on feedback and/or results from usability tests
    • Iterate this process
  3. Visual Design
    • Produce visual designs (graphics) from the wireframes
    • Conduct usability tests on the visual designs, if required
    • Revise the wireframes, based on feedback and/or results from usability tests
    • Iterate this process
  4. Code Production
    • Create the code (HTML, JavaScript, etc.) based on the Visual Designs
    • Revise, based on client feedback
  5. Website Launch
    • Upload files to live server
    • Integrate back-end, domain name, etc.

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