By: Pknetworks  05/12/2011

Case Study: Camphill Community Wexford

The client is a care in the community open farm for the infirm and handicapped, with that they have a number of buildings on the property, housing both patients and care-takers. The client required that all buildings have a phone and a broadband connection.

In the main building there was an administrative office with a broadband connection from Eircom. Also a legacy phone system which provided each building with a phone line back to the office.

pkNetworks reviewed the system at the time, taking into consideration the layout of the site and the requirement for more phones in some of the outlying buildings. It was decided that rather than running Ethernet cables out to each of the buildings for internet connectivity the current phone lines would be used for both voice and data.

An ADSL DSLAM Switch was installed in the main office and from there would connected over the phone lines to an ADSL Router in each building. All internet access now routes via the upgraded Eircom connection in the main Office.

Also a new Phone system was recommended and installed, supporting both IP and analogue phones. This allowed the current analogue phone setup to be carried forward plus in any building with a Router an unlimited amount of IP phones could be installed.

Cost Saving

The legacy phone system used two ISDN lines to route all external calls. A high proportion of calls from Camphill are long distance, with the new phone system rules can be created to route/block/forward etc. certain types of calls. International calls are now routed over the internet using VoIP, thus a cost saving of 60% on these calls has been made.